BB + Me: A Collab

Moms don't get sick days. In an attempt to keep Basil entertained while I drink my weight in green tea, I brought out prints for her to sort through. We also took doilies out of a junk drawer.

Lo and behold, this girl has preferences when it comes to art and photography. While I did the main assembly and shot the finished pieces, these are Basil's photo picks and arrangements. I love how she layered and crinkled the doilies to create different dimensions of textures. I am always fascinated with her use of lines and colors. She combined photos I took years apart and on different sides of the country. Parents may not get sick days, but I definitely got to take a lesser role in this "project" and let her guide me. I guess I'll keep taking credit until she gets her own blog.



Stay unstructured, 



This song was stubborn. I wanted to record it a million different ways, but eventually ended up laying it down in one take. It isn't perfect. It devolves. It loses count. It's messy. And honestly? It's just the way it should be. 

This song is for one of my favorite video girls. 


Stay bubbly,