Funky Photo Christmas Tree

Let's face it- sometimes you run out of time to decorate your home for the holidays. Last year my husband and I went all out - we bought a tree down the street, carried it home, and even braved the Walmart crowds for lights and ornaments. Unfortunately Christmas crept on us this year and we didn't make it happen. Lucky for me my guy is thoughtful and brought home this adorably tiny tree.  I improvised decorating using our Instax photos from Dîner en Blanc, some twine I keep around the house for last-minute present wrapping, and those battery-powered LEDs. I gotta say I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! It just goes to show you that sometimes fun, creative ideas happen on a whim. 

Stay funky,


Meagan & Mike: Miami Mardi Gras

It's wonderful when life brings people together in fun ways. I met Meagan when I was shooting a WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) Event on a lovely Saturday morning. Once she shared her New Orleans engagement story with me and I was head over heels. She and Mike truly know how to have fun in their relationship and not take things too seriously. They're the couple you'd love to have a beer and chat with. How great is it when you find two people who want to take that literally and add that to their session? Thanks for the beers, laughter, and love, you two!