Power Mommas!

When you become a parent everything changes. In addition to falling head over heels for a person you made, losing sleep, and reprioritizing EVERYTHING in your life, you join an elite force. Being a mom has made my heart so full because of the incredible women it's connected me to.

I found my "mom tribe" at Claudia Bustillos's Om Beats Yoga Studio. In our mommy and me classes we've created beautiful bonds, laughed, cried, and worked our butts off- both literally and figuratively.

The next step in our journey is POWER MOMMAS, a strength and yoga-focused mommy and me stroller workout, designed by Naty Pernia. I've had the honor of sitting at her kitchen table poring over notes, creating small ways to get it out into the Miami Mommy World. 

This video is everything to me. I cried making it. I love these women and their babies something fierce. Just when I thought my heart couldn't be fuller, I watch this and remember that it only gets better.


Stay maternal,


Haitian Lives Matter: The March in Miami

It was a typical hot, bright afternoon in Miami when I heard shouting and horns honking. I went out to my balcony and saw a large crowd in the middle of the road, a slowly moving collection of individuals donned in red and blue. A police car was slowly following from behind. I squinted to see a man waving a flag. It was a Haitian flag.

In a nutshell, on June 17th the Dominican Republic set even more practices in motion to begin registering Haitian migrant workers in a short allotted time, immediately putting over 250,000 at risk of deportation. While the laws seem fair on paper, a number of Haitians who abide by them are mistakenly being swept up and deported, including those born on Dominican soil. Due to the racial tension that already exists, many find the new arrests xenophobic and part of a much bigger issue than illegal workers. For a more in-depth look at what's going on I recommend you read this helpful article by the New York Times.

On June 25th Miami didn't march for free drinks, g-strings, or Pitbull. Instead hundreds came together to march from the Haitian consulate to the Dominican consulate to protest the deadline. Thanks to their voices I found my way to them and captured this important moment in local history. 


Thanks to these strong, proud people for letting me photograph them.

Stay strong,




Natalia & Pablo: Expecting

This was my first go at a maternity shoot. I went into it doing only a teeny bit of research and planning because let's be real- pregnancy shoots can get cheesy quickly. I closed the laptop and decided I was gonna wing it.

Fortunately, my instincts paid off and my subjects were amazing. I had the honor of bringing a pal and his gorgeous fianceé to Coral Gables to give me full creative freedom. I wanted nature to play a role in their photos and for their relationship to shine through- a mother and father's love is the foundation of a family. To me, THAT is what a maternity shoot should be about. The passion between these two is warm and relaxed; it can be felt from behind a camera lens. I did my best to capture those moments and I hope you enjoy the small glimpse at their big love. 

Stay in love,



Food doesn't really move, unless you count those Japanese dancing squid bowls. In an effort to expand my photographic horizons I brought my camera to the Miami Marathon. We live down the street from mile 25 so I was thrilled to capture the various emotions, movements, and moments of these incredible runners. Oh, and supporting my pal and capturing her 1st marathon was pretty cool, too. So here's to everyone who finished on January 25th, learning new tricks, and those creepy dancing squid bowls... meh, 86 that last part. Taken with my 6D and, decidedly, my 50mm 1.2. 

Stay agile,


PS: Grats to Eshetu Habtemikael, #20, who ended up as the 1st place woman in the Miami Marathon. At a close 2nd was #13, Maria Peralta, who finished 2 seconds after. Yeah, literally.

Funky Photo Christmas Tree

Let's face it- sometimes you run out of time to decorate your home for the holidays. Last year my husband and I went all out - we bought a tree down the street, carried it home, and even braved the Walmart crowds for lights and ornaments. Unfortunately Christmas crept on us this year and we didn't make it happen. Lucky for me my guy is thoughtful and brought home this adorably tiny tree.  I improvised decorating using our Instax photos from Dîner en Blanc, some twine I keep around the house for last-minute present wrapping, and those battery-powered LEDs. I gotta say I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! It just goes to show you that sometimes fun, creative ideas happen on a whim. 

Stay funky,


Meagan & Mike: Miami Mardi Gras

It's wonderful when life brings people together in fun ways. I met Meagan when I was shooting a WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) Event on a lovely Saturday morning. Once she shared her New Orleans engagement story with me and I was head over heels. She and Mike truly know how to have fun in their relationship and not take things too seriously. They're the couple you'd love to have a beer and chat with. How great is it when you find two people who want to take that literally and add that to their session? Thanks for the beers, laughter, and love, you two!