Dylan & Victoria: Expecting

Okay, so without getting too mushy, this was a great shoot for me for many reasons. 1, it was in a gorgeous backyard and super impromptu. Amidst the chaos of a baby shower I snagged these two for a couple solo shots and quick snaps with family and friends. 2, look at 'em. Aren't they adorable? 3, this isn't just any old Dylan. This is MY Dylan.

Our moms are best friends and have been for decades. We grew up together calling each other cousins. We went on trips, shared stupid moments and blunders,  and Dylan even introduced me to Arrested Development. I mean, I owe the guy my life for that alone. 

It's a little odd but amazingly beautiful he's having a son of his own. His son and my daughter* will get to grow up together getting into trouble just like we did. I'm slowly starting to get used to the idea...and love it. When you think about it, I guess that's the point of everything, right? Keep your family close. Fall in love. Let it grow. 

Here were some of my favorite moments of the little backyard shoot with my cousin and his beautiful girlfriend.

Aaaannnnd a cheesy Anchorman-style bonus picture of Dylan with his pals.

Stay close,


*Yep, I'm totally expecting! It's been a fun ride so far. I'm sure I'll have opinions/moments worth documenting soon. For now it's a lot of discomfort, excitement, and cluelessness. Whee.