No One Sings Like You Anymore. (A Chris Cornell Tribute)

I hate that I'm doing another shoot dedicated to a beautiful musician barely a year after Prince passed away.

I hate that people suffer from anxiety and depression and feel no relief.

I hate that the world lost one of its greatest voices in such a preventable way. 

I was too young to appreciate Soundgarden in their prime. Like many twentysomethings, I fell in love with Chris Cornell "backwards," discovering Audioslave first and craving his crystallized, bluesy croon from that moment on. As a singer I couldn't get enough. Everything about his voice sent me into a frenzy. And his face? His character? Forget it. Without taking a breath I could tell you he was one of the greatest musicians alive and rattle off all of the reasons why.

This was a painful shoot, physically and emotionally. It wore my spirit down. I used a bath bomb laced with cinnamon, which made my eyes cloud and my nose burn. I don't want to do this again. 

I don't want to say goodbye anymore. If you ever feel lost or alone, please don't forget that you are wanted. If you experience darkness don't let heaven send you away. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. 


Stay above water,