Botany II

You know something is great when you have to photograph it twice.

The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is perfect. It's wild, it's alive, and it's an ever-changing subject. Much like the tall plants I, too, have grown. 

When I last visited Fairchild I was trying to get pregnant. I was anxious, excited, and seeking beauty to distract me from the wait. Fast forward to nearly 18 months later and I am a new mother of a magnificent little girl.

I loved looking at old photos and comparing them to this trip- where I once had time to breathe and examine subjects my mind now races and I observe between naps, coos, and inevitable fussing. On this visit we sought out the shade to keep ourselves cool. In it I found gorgeous shapes and tiny fragments of light caught within the plants. Photography is the study of light, after all, so it's nice to get back to your roots once and a while- pun intended. 

Enjoy my 2nd round of pretty plant pictures.

Stay transfixed,