To My Daughter On Our First Mother's Day

Dear Basil,

Together we're celebrating our first Mother's Day. This special Sunday was always important to me because it gave me the chance to celebrate a woman who gave me the world. Now that you're here this day will no longer be the same.

My mother used to be just that- a mom. A title filled with purpose, truth, guidance, and authority. I never saw the woman within that word. I was selfishly working towards my own destiny to think about Jacqueline. On Mother's Day I would blindly thank her for "all she did," without knowing just what that actually meant.

Now I realize my self-involvement was all by her design. Only because my mother selflessly worked for my life was I able to get this far and have you.

My mother is Jacqueline, a woman who gives her family everything. A woman who remembers birthdays and listens when someone is aching. She is the hardest working person I know and deserves a million gifts on Mother's Day. I never truly saw her strength and spirit until you arrived.

I promise to do the same for you. I will give you the chance to live and breathe your passions. Mother's Day will be a day you hopefully give me a card for before getting on with your fantastic life. I will hide behind the big, beautiful word that is "mom" to fuel your fire and cheer you on. While you are dreaming I am designing. 

Yesterday I held you in my arms as you slept. I cradled the back of your head in my palm and studied your perfect face and the flow of your tiny strands of hair. As you rested I whispered, "Thank you, for making me a mom." You may spend the rest of your life giving me gifts, but they will never come close to the greatest one of all- just you.

Love you to the stars,
Jensen / Mom.