Power Mommas!

When you become a parent everything changes. In addition to falling head over heels for a person you made, losing sleep, and reprioritizing EVERYTHING in your life, you join an elite force. Being a mom has made my heart so full because of the incredible women it's connected me to.

I found my "mom tribe" at Claudia Bustillos's Om Beats Yoga Studio. In our mommy and me classes we've created beautiful bonds, laughed, cried, and worked our butts off- both literally and figuratively.

The next step in our journey is POWER MOMMAS, a strength and yoga-focused mommy and me stroller workout, designed by Naty Pernia. I've had the honor of sitting at her kitchen table poring over notes, creating small ways to get it out into the Miami Mommy World. 

This video is everything to me. I cried making it. I love these women and their babies something fierce. Just when I thought my heart couldn't be fuller, I watch this and remember that it only gets better.


Stay maternal,