Jules is ONE! Photographing Families.

Last weekend we attended a birthday party for Basil's friend Jules. It's a little crazy just how social Miss B has become in such a short amount of time.

I took the opportunity to photograph Jules and her beautiful parents. Her mom Jackie and I met in Mommy and Me Yoga and quickly took to one another. She's sharp, funny, and quite the runner. (It's obvious by how fabulous she looks in her pictures!)

Family photos pose (ha) challenges, but can be a ton of fun. I love catching hints of everyone's personalities together and targeting their quirks. To me, the subtleties are worth documenting and what turn a photoshoot into something memorable. Letting people be themselves makes for a much better picture. 

I loved having the three of them walk to and from camera. In the transitional moments a family tends to put their guard down and you can capture their true portrait. We didn't stray far from their home so we could share a sense of neighborhood pride and identity. And for the obvious reason that we had a toddler in tow. 

Like Basil Jules isn't on social media so enjoy these snaps of this sweet secret baby! I promise you the other pictures look pretty fab. ;) Gorgeous and delicious desserts by Seaside Sweets! 

Stay close,