iPhone Photography: Tucson, AZ

If you asked me two years ago what I would do during a hurricane, I'd tell you I'd be sipping cocktails, binge-watching Netflix until the power went out, and engorging myself on snacks that "could spoil, so why chance it?". And yet when a ten-month-old who hates being sweaty and loves routine is thrown into the mix, it changes everything. We decided to sneak off to the complete opposite of Florida: Arizona! Q is from there and his mom still lives there, so it was also a nice excuse to reunite her with B. 

Now I took no actual photos because c'mon. Gimme a break. Traveling with a baby is the worst! My cameras did not make the cut. But I did get to play with the iPhone 7 Plus camera and it's still excellent. 

Tucson is warm, quirky, quiet, and gorgeous. The thin, white clouds are like wisps of stirred cream in coffee. Everything pops with contrast because of the intense sun. I fell in love with the textures of the prickly pears and the greatness of the mighty Saguaros over and over again. The smell, the heat, and the vibrancy hold and inspire you. Admiring Tucson's aesthetic is effortless.   

I guess I owe Hurricane Matthew for kicking us out of Miami for a change of scenery. 


Stay transient,