Dana's Bridal Shower

Love is magical and amazing. Getting married is a thrill. I thrived on last year's whirlwind of planning my wedding. Bringing your family and friends together to throw an amazing party with every cute thing you can think of- does it get better? This year I'm realizing it does.

As a little human grows inside of me my beautiful friend Dana is planning her big day in October. Going to her bridal shower was just another incredible reminder of the importance of surrounding yourself with support, positivity, and love. You could just feel it in the room. After a few hours of laughter, tears, tokens of happiness, and silly drawings here are some of my favorite shots of her wonderful party.

Let this also be a sweet hint- bring your camera to parties. It doesn't matter if you're a pro or it's your first time shooting. You'll capture moments that you'll be delighted to look back on.

Stay blushing,