Wife Photographs Husband: Professional Pictures Can Be Fun, Too!

Opposites attract. Although Quinn and I have a lot in common our careers are quite different. He asked for a few pictures for his corporate pages, bios, and newsletters. Lucky for us we have a beautiful little mezzanine that's great for this sort of thing. We got the professional shots he needed and then some! Here are some of the fun images. I also wanted to include a few tips for photographers and their clients on how to have a nice session and get corporate pictures that pop.

1. Dress The Part.

This is a given but dress nicely for your professional pictures! Wear a flattering suit or whatever is appropriate for the job you have or are looking for. Ask your photographer for advice and bring a second option to your shoot if you're stumped.

2. Go Outside.

I love me some natural light! It's flattering and keeps things simple. I try to find spots in the shade away from harsh points of light and shadows. Incorporating nature and architecture into your pictures keeps the frame interesting, colorful, and fresh- all things I personally believe more corporate headshots could benefit from. 

3. Try Out Different Poses and Angles.

The typical business photo is tight, but you can do a lot of achieve different poses. Try standing with a thumb in the pocket to loosen the stance, sitting, turning to the side, looking head-on, standing on something to shoot from a higher angle, etc. All of these options are worth exploring because you never know what's the most comfortable and looks best until you try it. 

4. Have FUN.

Professional photos do NOT need to be stuffy and boring. Do the opposite. Crack a few jokes, smile, take your time, and ENJOY the process. You'll get a much better image if you act a little goofy. Promise. 

Stay current,