Natalia & Pablo: Expecting

This was my first go at a maternity shoot. I went into it doing only a teeny bit of research and planning because let's be real- pregnancy shoots can get cheesy quickly. I closed the laptop and decided I was gonna wing it.

Fortunately, my instincts paid off and my subjects were amazing. I had the honor of bringing a pal and his gorgeous fianceé to Coral Gables to give me full creative freedom. I wanted nature to play a role in their photos and for their relationship to shine through- a mother and father's love is the foundation of a family. To me, THAT is what a maternity shoot should be about. The passion between these two is warm and relaxed; it can be felt from behind a camera lens. I did my best to capture those moments and I hope you enjoy the small glimpse at their big love. 

Stay in love,