Food doesn't really move, unless you count those Japanese dancing squid bowls. In an effort to expand my photographic horizons I brought my camera to the Miami Marathon. We live down the street from mile 25 so I was thrilled to capture the various emotions, movements, and moments of these incredible runners. Oh, and supporting my pal and capturing her 1st marathon was pretty cool, too. So here's to everyone who finished on January 25th, learning new tricks, and those creepy dancing squid bowls... meh, 86 that last part. Taken with my 6D and, decidedly, my 50mm 1.2. 

Stay agile,


PS: Grats to Eshetu Habtemikael, #20, who ended up as the 1st place woman in the Miami Marathon. At a close 2nd was #13, Maria Peralta, who finished 2 seconds after. Yeah, literally.