Dîner en Blanc: Miami

On December 9th Miami had its first Dîner en Blanc. If you haven't heard of this snazzy little event before, it's a swanky pop-up dinner where the attendants all wear white, supply their own tables, chairs, place settings, and refreshments, and don't know the location until they arrive at a meeting point and travel from there. Many consider this to be a ridiculous way to spend money. As a lover of people, food, and interesting experiences I simply couldn't help myself from checking it out.

While we elected to purchase the catered meal on-site (as well as a bottle of Champagne because.. duh), a big part of Dîner en Blanc is bringing a ton of your own goodies to personalize your table and experience. This is the fun part. People bring loads of decorations and props. I settled for a more rustic look with rosemary and mason jars. 

I would absolutely attend this event again, especially now that we have all of the stuff! The energy was one of sheer fun and excitement and everyone was incredibly sweet. It's always nice to take a break from the norm- your typical day, restaurants, friends.. This is a great way to do that. Enjoy my favorite captures. :)

For more information, pictures, and awesome videos shot with drones (!) check out Dîner en Blanc's page right here.

Stay spontaneous,